29 – 30 September – Discover the Power of AI Workshop


  • Tailored Audience Focus Content
  • Comprehensive Problem-Solving
  • Hands-On Peer Programming on Day 2
  • Expert-Led Lectures
  • AI Tools Integration
  • Interactive Q&A Sessions
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29/09/2023 8:30 – 17:30
30/09/2023 8:30 – 17:30



etc.venues – Chancery Lane
50-52 Chancery Ln,


Keynote Speech:

Dr Mohammad D. Soorati
Assistant Professor of AI @ University of Southampton


Day 1: Empowering Business Problem-Solvers

On the first day of our 2-Day AI Workshop, we focus on empowering business leaders to become adept problem-solvers through the application of Artificial Intelligence. Senior-level members from sales, marketing, and operations will come together to identify their top 5 current business challenges. With the guidance of our AI experts, they will explore a wide range of AI-based solutions for each problem, sparking innovative ideas and actionable strategies. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of AI fundamentals, different types of Machine Learning, and how ML effectively addresses real-world business problems. This interactive day concludes with the creation of a clear 5-year roadmap, outlining how AI integration can drive their business towards unprecedented success.

Day 1 Agenda
  • Introductions and Ice Breaker activity to foster collaboration.
  • Activity 1: Identifying the top 5 business challenges for each company.
  • Lecture 1: Understanding AI fundamentals and different types of ML.
  • Activity 2: Brainstorming AI-based solutions for identified challenges.
  • Lecture 2: Exploring ML requirements and data preparation.
  • Keynote speaker session to inspire and share AI success stories.
  • Activity 3: Align solutions with relevant data and data sources.
  • Q&A session to address participant questions.
  • Activity 4: Creating a comprehensive 6-month to 5-year AI roadmap.
  • Concluding speech and open discussion

Day 2: Mastering AI Technicalities and ML-Ops

On the second day of our workshop, we dive into the technical intricacies of AI and Machine Learning, targeting developers, technical directors, and CTOs. This day is entirely hands-on, offering participants the opportunity to work closely with our expert instructors on various ML codes and practical examples of ML-Ops. Throughout the day, attendees will immerse themselves in interactive tasks covering classification, clustering, CCN, and MLops scenarios. In a captivating lecture, they will learn how to leverage existing AI tools, such as ChatGPT, to build new products effectively. This intensive technical exploration will equip participants with the skills and knowledge needed to lead their organizations confidently into the AI-powered future.

Day 2 Agenda:
  • Introductions and Ice Breaker activity to foster collaboration.
  • Task 1: Data Preparation
  • Task 2: Regression, Clustering, Classification
  • Short Lecture: Creating Products with AI Integration
  • Task 3: Suggested Product Review Analysis
  • Task 4: CNN
  • Discussion, Brainstorming & Q&A

For more information please visit Salutech AI Workshop page.